BC Machining is a contract manufacturing business that machines metal parts.  The business began in 2007 and is very proud of their ability to survive and grow during the difficult economy of the past two years.

BC Machining, an LLC, is owned and operated by Robert Merrill and Charlene Cestroni.

Mr. Merrill has thirty-five years of machining experience (yes, he started very young) and six years of lean manufacturing experience.  He started in the business as an apprentice and has steadily risen through the ranks of workers and managers during his tenure.  Some of his recent experience includes working as a Machine Technician for Monarch Machine Tool Company; and as a Product Supervisor, Rapid Continuous Improvement (RCI) Coordinator, Manufacturing Engineer, and Machine Shop Manager for Snap-On Tools. 

Mr. Merrill has participated in over one-thousand blitzes and multiple Shingajitsu events.  Shingajitsu is made up of the engineers who designed and started the Toyota Production System.  Having spent time studying under these engineers gives Mr. Merrill a very strong exposure to what needs to be done to become a world-class manufacturer. 

Charlene Cestroni has over twenty years of business experience working in both the public and private sectors.  The majority of her experience resides in Project Management and Supervision. 

Ms. Cestroni is responsible for running the administrative side of the business while Mr. Merrill focuses on operations.

Together the partners are committed to having BC Machining provide quality parts, exceptional customer service, fair prices, and a lean and innovative work environment. 
With their knowledge and experience BC Machining will not only be able to lay-out a plan to achieve world-class status, but will also be able to pass this knowledge along to all employees of the company.

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